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Don’t Miss: Sisterhood of the Sleuths

Books from your childhood are like a warm hug.

Thank you Hachette Audio and @librofm for the complimentary audiobook!

When a box of original Nancy Drew books shows up at the vintage shop Maizy’s mom owns, she is intrigued. There is a photo on the top of her grandmother and two other women when they were young. When Maizy asks her grandmother about it, she denies that it’s her. Determined to find out the secret behind the photo and who left the books, Maizy and her friends Nell and Cam start their own mysterious adventure!

💭 I loved this story! Not only is it a story of discovery for Maizy herself; learning about her own friendships and that it’s okay to be exactly who are, it’s a story of past friendships. 

The nostalgia surrounding the Nancy Drew books was like a warm hug. I remember reading those when I was Maziy’s age. Some of the references to all the things Nancy could flawlessly do, made me wonder if a reread of them would hold up for me.

The characters and the narration were perfect and fun! I would recommend this to any middle grade reader and to those who loved Nancy Drew as a child themselves!