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Don’t Miss: Survivor in Death

Survivor in Death – J.D. Robb
Brilliance Audio – Susan Ericksen
Mystery, Police Procedural
February 1, 2005
4.9 ⭐️

Nine-year-old Nixie Swisher’s entire family is slaughtered and she is the only survivor. This case baffles Eve Dallas who has inadvertently become Nixie’s guardian. This is one of the hardest cases for Eve because it involves a child and brings back some of Eve’s darkest memories. It was heart-wrenching, but showed Eve in a more vulnerable light. 

Nixie tore my heart out. She suffered such a huge tragedy but was so brave and determined to help Eve find the killers. She’s a character that has always stuck with me.

I will say this every time I review a book from this series: If you need a good audiobook series, I implore you to try this one starting with Naked in Death. Susan Ericksen makes the characters come alive with her brilliant narration.

❓ What character stood out to you and was hard to forget?

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Don’t Miss: The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know — P.J. Tracy
St. Martin’s Minotaur
Dreamscape Media — Abby Craden
Police Procedural
January 17, 2023
304 pages — 7 hrs 12 min
3.3 ⭐️

Thank you to @minotaur_books and @netgalley for the #gifted book.

Summary: When actor Evan Hobbes is found murdered, LAPD Detective Margaret Nolan is called upon to solve the case. Unfortunately, Hobbes is not the only one dead. While trying to make sense of this crime, Nolan faces a reality uncommon to her in the glitzy side of the city.

💭 This is the third book in this series, and it was not my favorite. There were so many subplots and characters to keep track of that it was confusing. I also found myself not caring enough about the characters or the plot. Margaret Nolan has promise as a lead character, but she gets lost in the disjointedness of the plot. I really love police procedural with female leads, but this series falls short for me.

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Don’t Miss: Divided in Death

Divided in Death – J.D. Robb
Brilliance Audio – Susan Ericksen
January 26, 2004
4.5 ⭐️

In the 18th book of the series, Eve investigates the death of Blair Bissel, whose wife, Reva works for Roarke. All indications point to Reva murdering her husband after finding out about his affair with her best friend. But something doesn’t add up for Eve.

As a case, this is interesting because it involves Roarke’s business and some major players in the government. This means that Eve’s team has to hunker down in her home office to work covertly. What I loved most about this book though is the struggles with Eve and Roarke’s relationship as they find out something about her childhood. Roarke is a man of action and wants to take care of it, but Eve needs to handle it on her own. I personally don’t love when these two are in conflict, but it added an needed element to the story.

This is my 4th listen through this very long series, so I feel personally connected to these characters. If you need a good audiobook series, I implore you to try this one starting with Naked in Death.

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Don’t Miss: The Hidden One

What secrets are hidden behind the face of a trusted person?

Thank you to Minotaur Books and Macmillan Audio for the complimentary digital and audiobook for review.

When a beloved, missing Amish bishop’s remains are found, Kate Burkholder is asked to investigate. Making the situation more complicated, Kate’s first love, Jonas Bowman is accused of the murder. 

Yet another Burkholder book that I loved. This one gives us a glimpse into Kate’s young life through flashbacks which leads to an even deeper understanding of the character we have grown to love. There are already so many facets of the Amish community to learn about and the mystery in this one brings some new ones to light. The mystery behind this one is profound.

Kathleen McInerney is Kate’s voice. So much so that when I heard her narrate another book, I was like “Why is Kate Burkholder here?!” 🤣 Another brilliant narration!

I can’t wait until Kate’s next adventure in Painter’s Mill!