Posted in Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Don’t Miss: The Last Housewife

To control or be controlled… that is the question.

When Shay hears about the death of her college roommate on her favorite true crime podcast, she is suspicious. Laurel’s death was ruled a suicide, but Shay thinks there is more to the story. Facing the sins of her past, and with the help of Jamie, the podcast host and friend, Shay is determined to find out the truth.

💭 Ashley Winstead… check. True crime podcast… check. Cults… check. Going into this book, I was convinced that I was going to love it. Initially, the story drew me right in. However, it wasn’t long before the subject matter took a turn to the… weird. From that point on, I waffled between cringing through and stopping altogether. I did finish because I needed to see it through. It was tough. I’m not ready to give up on Winstead though!

If you plan to read this, you should check out the trigger warnings. Feel free to message me for more details. There are some very sensitive topics covered in this one.

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