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Don’t Miss: Mad Honey

True love is loving someone for who they are, not what they are. — Mad Honey

Thank you @prhaudio for the complimentary audiobook!

Olivia and her son Asher love a quiet life as beekeepers after Olivia leaves her abusive husband, Asher’s father.
Meanwhile, Lily and her mother land in the same town after running from something in their past.

Asher and Lily find solace in each other until Lily ends up dead and Asher is arrested for her murder. Olivia can’t help but wonder if her son is more like his father than she realized. Or is the secret from Lily’s past the clue to her death?

💭 I went into this one knowing very little. I knew it would be twisty because that is what I have come to expect from Picoult books.

Told in alternating chapters, The story is revealed in pieces. Olivia’s chapters tell present day and also weave in the parts of her past that explain her relation with Asher’s father. Lily’s chapters are told in reverse and slowly reveal the secret that she has been hiding.

This is one that I can’t review without giving away major plot points. However I will say, as always, current, relevant and timely topics are addressed.

Plus, I can give props to any book that makes bees interested since they are a terror of mine!

Mad Honey should not be missed!

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